"The truth shall make you free" 
John Ch8 V32

Rothesay Primary School / Rothesay Joint Campus


Rothesay   PA20 9JH

Isle of Bute

Tel: (Rothesay 01700) 503227

Fax: (Rothesay 01700) 501025  Click here to e-mail

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Interactive stuff!

If you are looking for some educational games, this is the page to visit.  We'll keep adding links to this page, so don't be shy - if you find a great on-line educational game, please click here to make sure we add it to our site.


For a wide variety of games to help you perfect your memorisation of the Times Tables, visit this site.


For a fast-paced and addictive multiplication game - you can't beat this.  Free download available or purchase option.

Grammar help - BBC

Visit the Skillswise website for easy to understand grammar instruction and exercises to do at home.

Grammar Blast!

Take part in this check-box quiz to check your grammar skills.

encyclopedia link

Have your library card to hand to access the wonders of the Encyclopedia Britannica!

The quick way to develop map-reading skills in your kids!