"The truth shall make you free" 
John Ch8 V32

Rothesay Primary School / Rothesay Joint Campus


Rothesay   PA20 9JH

Isle of Bute

Tel: (Rothesay 01700) 503227

Fax: (Rothesay 01700) 501025  Click here to e-mail

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Early Level


Literacy Pathways...

Early Level


Early Level


First Level


First Level


First Level


Listening/Talking 0.2 0.1 0.3 Writing Grammar/Punctuation Handwriting Reading Spelling

P5 Second Level

P6 Second Level

P7 Second Level

Reading Handwriting Spelling Writing Grammar/Punctuation Writing Spelling Reading Listening/Talking Handwriting Grammar/Punctuation

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Listening/Talking Handwriting Listening/Talking Reading Writing Handwriting Listening/Talking Reading Writing Handwriting Writing Reading Listening/Talking