"The truth shall make you free" 
John Ch8 V32

Rothesay Primary School / Rothesay Joint Campus


Rothesay   PA20 9JH

Isle of Bute

Tel: (Rothesay 01700) 503227

Fax: (Rothesay 01700) 501025  Click here to e-mail

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Our Early Learning and Childcare Provision

We have 2 playrooms - our Sunshine Room and our Rainbow Room.  We also have an outdoor play area and access to a large paved area where we love to play on our tricycles, bicycles, tractors and trailers and carts.

We have a Family Room for the use of parents and carers.

We also have an exciting outdoor area, The Flower Garden, which our children love!

Numeracy skills are encouraged in every play area.

Toothbrushing is an important skill within health and wellbeing.

Literacy skills are also developed across the curriculum.

The Rainbow Room offers heuristic play, a book corner, painting, model making, sand and water play, problem solving, early mark making opportunities and manipulative play.  Activities are changed regularly in response to children's planning and personal choice.

The Sunshine Room offers imaginative play and dressing-up, a snack area, small world play, jigsaws and technology such as our computer and beebots.

We are proud to have an eco committee.  

Pupils from nursery report to school meetings and play an active part in developing ecological values across the campus.  We are always looking for opportunities to work with primary classes.

We have a lovely, new, mud kitchen!

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