"The truth shall make you free" 
John Ch8 V32

Rothesay Primary School / Rothesay Joint Campus


Rothesay   PA20 9JH

Isle of Bute

Tel: (Rothesay 01700) 503227

Fax: (Rothesay 01700) 501025  Click here to e-mail

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Our Events Calendar

School Hours


School commences                  9.10am

Morning interval                         10.35am - 10.45am

Lunch P1-2                                 12.00pm - 12.45pm

Lunch P3-P7                              12.10pm - 12.55pm

Close                                           3.05pm



14th/15th   August 2017.                   In-service days.

16th             August 2017.                   Pupils return.

6th              October  2017.                School closes.

23rd             October 2017.                 School returns.

27th             November 2017.             In-service day.

22nd            December 2017.              School closes.


8th                 January 2018.                  School re-opens.

9th                 February 2018.                School closes.

15/16th         February 2018.                In-service days.

19th               February 2018.                School re-opens.

29th               March 2018.                     School closes.


16th             April 2018                    School re-opens.

4th               May 2018                      School closes.

8th               May 2018                      School re-opens.

29th             June 2018                     School closes for Summer.