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Rothesay Primary School / Rothesay Joint Campus


Rothesay   PA20 9JH

Isle of Bute

Tel: (Rothesay 01700) 503227

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Our Shared Vision

Successful Learners

In Rothesay Primary School we aim to become successful learners by working hard, setting personal targets, behaving well and through having fun.


Confident Individuals

In Rothesay Primary School we aim to become confident individuals by working through challenging but appropriate targets, valuing all achievements and through mutual respect within partnerships and friendships.


Responsible Citizens

In Rothesay Primary we aim to become responsible citizens by considering our actions, manners and general behaviour.  We encourage membership of the Eco Committee, Pupil Council, Junior Road Safety and Health Groups and respect each other in our roles as well as having respect for our school and property and for our community.  We expect everyone to be on time, to be a positive member of our team and to have respect for everyone within that team.


Effective Contributors

In Rothesay Primary School we aim to become effective contributors by encouraging teamwork, personal commitment, positive communication and the promotion of eco and health issues.


In Rothesay Primary School we aim to forge close partnership with parents and all stake holders.


As a school community we want our pupils and staff to be safe, wise, confident, kind, happy and healthy.  We want strong partnership for the greater good of all of our pupils providing opportunities for them to grow and develop as individuals through an interesting and engaging curriculum and other activities.


We have high expectations of behaviour, teaching, learning and support.  We enjoy celebrating success and aim to work together in a supportive but challenging environment.


We are proud to be an Eco School and continually strive to be an effective part of our local, wider and global community.


In striving to achieve this vision we work with our partners to ensure everyone feels special, trusted, nurtured and proud to be part of Rothesay Primary School.

Curriculum for Excellence

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